Understanding Chakras and Energetic Health

Once we begin to understand that the everything in the universe is vibrating and radiating energy, understanding how the energy systems operate within and around the body becomes much easier, because we too are constantly vibrating and radiating energy. We can then take a look at the effects this energy has upon our physical body and how that subtle energy is easily influenced by thoughts feelings and emotions. You can click here for  more in-depth information on each individual  Chakra.

Our body is a complex system composed of cells,  all of which have different functions to perform depending on their location within the physical body.  Each cell is further composed of molecules, atoms and finally, vibrating energy. Each cell emits different frequencies of vibration, again depending on its placement within the body, So that each cell can perform to the best of its abilities, it needs to maintain that same frequency.

Chakras are spinning wheels of energy located at key points along the spine. We have seven main Chakras and you can think of them as channel openings through which energy flows in and out of the body, through our Chakras to and from the organs and systems of the body. This life giving energy is in constant motion, a stream of alternating frequencies that operate like the varying frequencies emitted by a radio station.

The energy within a Chakra spins in a clockwise direction, sending the energy out and into our Aura, or Human Energy Field. The energy can also move counter clockwise in our chakras, drawing energy from our external world and people around us, this is why you can feel so affected by the energy of another person. The specific frequency state of our Chakras correlates to the direction from which the energy flows around the body, by either drawing it in or releasing outwards into the Aura. Our energy field, known as the Subtle Body, is created by the seven Chakras emitting their own specific frequency of energy into seven corresponding layers. You can read more about the Subtle Bodies here. 

Chakra placement within the body

Location Chakra    Gland     Subtle Body Layer

Above the Head Crown Pineal     The Ketheric/Causal Body

Brow Third Eye Pituitary     The Celestial Body

Neck Throat Thyroid     The Etheric Template Body

Sternum Heart Thymus     The Astral Body

Sternum SolarPlexus Pancreas     The Mental Body

Abdomen Sacral Ovaries/Testes The Emotional Body

Base of Spine Root Adrenals      The Etheric Body

How do Chakras work with the body?

Chakras work together with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of our being. They are aspects of consciousness that feel the effects of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, life events, our external world and interactions with others. All of these aspects influence the Chakras’ frequency, so it is important to maintain energetic health as well as physical health. Stress, trauma and sudden changes within our lives can impact the chakras, for example, now living through a pandemic. 

Each of the seven chakras correlates to one of the nine Endocrine glands and a collection of nerves called a Plexus. The Chakras themselves interact with our physical and energetic bodies via the Nervous and Endocrine systems within our bodies. The Pineal gland, for example, is located within the brain and connects with the Third Eye Chakra. The importance of the Endocrine System is to excrete hormones into the bloodstream that are vital for growth and development, moderating our moods, the function of our major organs, metabolism and reproduction. Our nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, sensory organs and the corresponding nerves that connect these organs to the rest of the body. The nervous system works by receiving information about the environment around us, like our sensations, and generates responses to that information by coordinating the two. Both systems are integral to our physical function and it is within these systems that dis-ease shows up. 

Chakras also relate to our mental and emotional wellbeing through our consciousness, which is made up of seven states of perception, awareness and senses. Our consciousness is how we experience the world we live in. it shapes our reality, our feelings, thoughts and emotions derived from those experiences. It is our state of awareness that ultimately forms our perceived identity and ego.

The Chakras and the body are intertwined by cause and effect, whatever you feel in your consciousness can show up in your chakra as either a positive influence or a negative one, affecting the vibration of the Chakra, the energy flow within it and the impact that has upon the body. The nervous system will pick up on tension and the physical aspects of that anxiety will then begin to show within the body, creating  dis-ease. Too much stress, trauma or negative thoughts eventually create a block in the flow of energy within our energy centres, the body and the Aura. 

So how is an energy blockage created?

Now that we have taken a deep dive into how the physical and energy bodies are linked we can now explore why it is important to maintain ‘Energetic Health’.

A blocked Chakra can manifest in two ways – Underactive and Overactive. The flow of life force around the energy system can become blocked by a lack of flow and build up of stagnant energy. If you think of a Chakra like a rose when it is a tight bud, you can’t see its true form or beauty because it is closed but when it begins to bloom and open, you can see into the centre and the essential parts of its anatomy that support its existence and relationship with its surroundings. 

Chakras work in a similar manner, opening and closing due to the nature of the environment they live in. If you are are extremely stressed for example, or have a negative experience, the Chakra will begin to close, attempting to block the lower frequency feelings and associated energy out, restricting healthy energy flow to, from and around the body. An overactive Chakra occurs when it remains open, giving out too much energy, losing its power and balance. 

Our energy body has an essential desire to be in balance, like nature and eco-systems do. If one of the Chakras is underactive, then others will become overactive to compensate for the stagnating energy that cannot move effectively through a closed chakra. It’s kind of like water getting trapped in a kink in a hose pipe. It just builds up causing pressure and tension, in this case in the body which can manifest as a symptom of dis-ease.

Chakra healing or balancing aims to heal these symptoms by addressing the cause of the dis-ease at the level of energetic frequency, permeating the body right down to the vibrations within the cells of the body. 

Our unprocessed emotions, thoughts and feelings can restrict our Chakras, causing them to close and create tension as an energetic build up of non-flowing energy and eventually stagnation. This occurs when our emotional stresses get out of hand and are constantly whirring within us, think of it like applying continued pressure to a twig that eventually breaks under the strain of that pressure.

Remember our thoughts have frequencies – hate, for example, has a very low frequency, love is one of the highest frequencies. The higher the frequency the better it affects the mind, body and soul.  If a thought, feeling or emotion is on a low frequency scale and reaches a particular degree of intensity, it will eventually show up as a symptom within the physical body.

It is a simple law that a high frequency of sound will override a low frequency of sound through a process called entrainment. You can read more about that here. For example, a tuning fork tuned to the natural frequency of the Root Chakra, when struck will produce sound waves that penetrate the Aura and the body. The lower frequencies within the Chakra will gradually begin to vibrate at the same frequency of the tuning fork, bringing it back to balance and flow. 

The same process can be applied to our emotions. If we replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones, using visualisation and affirmations to do so, we gradually begin to re-wire the neural pathways within the brain, to make those pathways easier for new healthy thoughts and feelings to be processed and signal the Endocrine systems glands to produce bio-chemical responses which then create feelings of happiness, contentment and a state of healthy wellbeing,

So what can we do to make positive changes to our Chakras?

I have outlined below a selection of techniques to maintain free-flowing energy around the energy body and the physical body. 

  • Specialised movement, like yoga and chakra dancing work to establish free-flowing energy throughout the body and energy system. 
  • Visualisation techniques are at their most powerful when combined with meditation and are designed to activate our chakras’ vital energy by harnessing the power of the mind and interacting with the creative energies around us. When chakras are working properly, our creative manifesting energy can flow better, leading to better health, more success, happiness and fulfilment .
  • Positive affirmations also use the power of the mind by aligning your thoughts and feelings to the highest frequencies of emotion. When you repeat a thought, be it good or bad, your brain’s biochemistry kicks in to support that feeling.  So affirming good thoughts to yourself, when focussed on a particular Chakra, aims to re-program the consciousness of that energy center.
  • Mantras make use of the Throat Chakra, through the power of sound, also combining high frequencies of thought in repetition, which stimulate a deep meditative state of bliss.
  • Working with and wearing crystals can also help to create balance. The transformative power of crystals can be found in their potential to hold and transmit energy. Crystals emit specific vibrations which can amplify or interact with our own energy, in turn aligning our own vibrations with our intentions, or influencing the energy field of the body to assist physical and emotional healing. Specific crystals for each of the Chakras and the aura can be used to bring balance.
  • Applied hands-on energy and sound healing methods can also bring the chakras into a state of balance and generate the optimum frequency for better health. 

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