Consultations can take place via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, or in person in Norfolk.

All online consultations and healing services must be paid for in advance via bank transfer or Paypal and 24 hours notice given to reschedule or for a full refund.

Due to the on-going pandemic, I am presently only able to offer my services online.

Intuitive Counselling

Your consultation can help you to:

  • See issues with a new perspective and a clear sense of direction
  • Trust in your own intuition and make positive choices
  • View your life differently
  • Gain more confidence to deal with your own life issues effectively
  • Understand your soul’s purpose and unrealized gifts

    During your consultation I will make a connection with my guide to channel information to help you with any issues you have concerns with. People come to me for many reasons and enlightenment upon areas as such as:

    • Personal and business relationship issues
    • Emotional challenges and how to understand and heal them
    • Career and financial concerns
    • Lack of direction in life
    • Major life decisions - advice on turning points and crossroads
    • Soul development and understanding spiritual gifts

    1-hour consultation online or in person in Norfolk
    £45 · £65 · £85
    Please choose the payment option that best relates to your circumstances

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    Energy Healing

    Energy healing works to:

    • Encourage general health and wellbeing physically, emotionally and spiritually so that you can begin to heal on all levels
    • Release the negative influences of stress, tension and anxiety, aiding relaxation and sleep
    • Stimulate mental clarity
    • Provide deep emotional support for depression
    • Support the body with pain management
    • Synchronise the physical body with its energy force as a vital support to encourage self-healing
    • Give a deeper connection and awareness of the conscious and physical body to the soul and energy body
    • Open your awareness to your soul’s need to release energy blocks within this lifetime and past lives

    Restoring the energy field to a supportive, balanced state aids healing physically, emotionally and spiritually by smoothing out the flow of energy within the body.

    During your consultation I will work intuitively with your own natural energy field to ascertain and locate emotional and physical energy blockages. Each treatment is intuitively tailored to your needs and may include a combination of crystals, tuning forks and hands on energy work. A treatment will usually last 45- 60 minutes. I can also provide Distant Healing which has the same effect as an appointment in person.

    For those in need of healing, under financial difficulty due to prolonged ill health, please contact me and we can come to an arrangement, whereby you pay what you can afford.

    1-hour consultation online or in person in Norfolk.
    £45 · £65 · £85
    Please choose the payment option that best relates to your circumstances

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    Connection Sitting

    A Connection Sitting can provide comfort if someone you love has passed over.

    • Do you want to know they are safe?
    • Are you confused about where people go when they die?
    • Do you believe in an afterlife?
    • Is your grief so painful that you can’t move on?

    During your consultation, I will make a connection to spirit and channel specific messages and evidence of survival. Grieving can be a long and overwhelming process, one which affects people differently and can sometimes feel never-ending. Acceptance of a loved-one’s passing is the key step to being able to move on. A Connection Sitting can facilitate this process and bring relief.

    1-hour consultation online or in person in Norfolk
    £45 · £65 · £85
    Please choose the payment option that best relates to your circumstances

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    Learn more on how a medium works.
    Go to the Library for books on the Soul and the afterlife.

    Chakra Balancing

    Chakra work can help you to:

    • Improve overall health and well being by releasing blocked emotional energy, old patterns and negative emotions.
    • Promote a greater ability to heal your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional issues.
    • Develop a greater understanding of self-awareness and perception of your behaviour and thought processes.
    • Become grounded, secure and confident within your own body
    • Become in touch with your emotions and learn not be overwhelmed by them
    • Empower yourself to manifest your desires
    • Love and accept your-self and others more compassionately
    • Express and understand your own truth whilst being able to listen to others effectively
    • Develop your own intuition and be guided by it to make better choices
    • Encourage spiritual development and connection to the universal energies

    When the chakras are blocked or overburdened we tend to become out of balance within our lives and bodies, which can lead to all sorts of dis-ease. Using a combination of tuning forks and crystals I work to bring the chakras back to a state of balance by releasing blocked energy within the centres and the body. This supports the various functions, bio-chemical processes and physical elements of the body to perform at their best.

    The specific frequencies of the individual tuning forks work to align the chakras, bringing both the physical and energy body to a state of optimum function improving physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We can also focus on individual chakras and how you can also continue to work on positively influencing them at home.

    1-hour Distance Healing or in person in Norfolk
    £45 · £65 · £85
    Please choose the payment option that best relates to your circumstances

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    Go to the Library for books on Energy.

    Gong Sound Baths

    A Gong Sound Bath can help to:

    • Reduce stress levels
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Encourage deep relaxation through achieving a meditative state
    • Initiate the body's innate healing processes
    • Open and balance the chakras to release blocked energy
    • Promote overall health and sense of wellbeing
    • Activate the pineal gland opening your soul to enlightenment
    • Relieve insomnia anxiety and depression

    Gongs have been used as a healing instrument throughout history as far back as 16,000 B.C. The vibrations emitted work to induce a deep relaxing meditative state that significantly reduce stress and the diseases it causes. When the Gong is played the vibrations emitted positively affect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of the body and soul.

    The vibrations of the Gong can physically impact cells within the body stimulating the bodies own healing processes whilst you relax into a deep meditative state. 1-to-1 sessions are a perfect addition to your meditation practice, spiritual development and overall wellbeing.

    The healing elements of the gong work by Entrainment, which is is the natural process of a rhythmic pattern, which induces other organisms to align with the same rhythm. When the gong is played it resonates at a set frequency that has been tuned for optimum health. The gongs vibrations/frequency entrain those imbalanced frequencies within the body to the optimum one of the gong and this is where the healing takes place.

    1-hour Personal Sound Bath online or in person in Norfolk

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    1-hour Sound Bath, group session via Zoom from the comfort of your own home.
    £4 · £8 · £12
    Please choose the payment option that best relates to your circumstances.

    Gong Sound Bath Events 2021 Dates

    1-hour private off-site Gong Bath 10 people £350 ( further £15per person upto 25 attendees)

    1 hour private off site Gong Bath for 25 + people £560

    This includes travel to and from the event, set up and take down.

    For dates and times click here

    Learn more about Gong Sound Baths

    Space Clearing

    Within any space there is a multitude of overlapping energy fields, from the living inhabitants and the objects within, the ground upon which it is built and the materials from which it is made. Thoughts, feelings and emotions influence this energy on a daily basis.

    Space clearing, shakes up the stuck and stagnant energy within any space, be it the home or workplace. I work to transform the existing energetic imprint to a neutral one, which can then be influenced to create change or tranquillity. The energy doesn’t vanish; it changes into a positive form to provide the occupants a clean slate on which to start afresh.

    • Have you just moved house and want to start a fresh?
    • Have you just moved into a new business premises, feel the air needs lifting and want to charge the premises with positivity for financial abundance?
    • Are you about to start a major project and want a space in which to be more creative, find your focus and stop procrastinating?
    • Have you been through a difficult life transition or break up and want to renew the energy of your home?
    • Are you having difficulty sleeping and feel there is too much going on in your personal space?
    • Are you experiencing paranormal activity within your home or workplace? (See Soul Rescue)

    £125 plus travel time

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    Equine Energy Healing

    Conditions that can benefit from Equine Energy Healing are

    • Arthritis
    • Behavioural issues
    • Grief
    • Ill Health
    • Low Immune system
    • Lameness
    • Post surgical recovery
    • Performance
    • Trauma (emotional, psychological and physical)
    • Tumours
    • Treatments can also be applied to foals with post-birth trauma

    Any living creature’s well-being can improve from receiving energy healing. They don’t have to be sick to receive the positive effects of healing. A horse (or animal) that has suffered trauma, psychological or physical, through mistreatment, bad handling, an accident or ill health will also benefit greatly.

    An unbalanced energy field can give rise to dis-ease and illness, which may also be rooted in an emotional source, for example mistreatment or trauma at birth.

    £45 per session for each horse requiring treatment (plus variable cost depending on location and travel time)

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    Past Life Reading

    A past life reading will help you to:

    • View personal and business relationships in a new light.
    • Understand why a particular relationship is influencing your life positively or negatively.
    • Gain a deeper insight into why you are here and align your life with that purpose, with a view to soul healing or evolvement.
    • Understand the origins of some phobias and ailments.

    The soul that we truly are is pure consciousness, itself being timeless and limitless. In accepting this, it is possible to heal our present by looking at our soul’s past lives.

    During your consultation I will make a connection to my guide, whereupon images are displayed to me, much like a movie, which I will share with you, the narrative of which reveals the influence of that life upon your present. In understanding our past lives, we gain a deeper sense of the soul’s journey and the lessons we need to learn from an entirely new perspective.

    1-hour consultation online or in person in Norfolk
    £45 · £65 · £85
    Please choose the payment option that best relates to your circumstances

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