“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Rumi

How an Energy Healer works

Healers work in various ways to assist an individual’s wellbeing to help them move from a place of imbalance to balance using a range of methods and practices.

Everything in the universe is composed of energy. The physical body itself resonates at various frequencies. Ill health can be a sign that the frequency within a particular area of the body is not resonating at its optimum frequency. The physical body is supported by an Energy Body, which is composed of pathways – meridians and chakras through which the life force of our being flows.

Healers harness the body’s own energy field to redirect the flow of energy within the body, removing blockages that can either manifest through negative emotions, old belief systems and trauma or thought processes and external energetic influences.

What to expect during a healing session?

You will be fully clothed and asked to lay on a massage table.

A pendulum may be used to assess blockages or imbalances within the chakras and Aura.

Your energy field will also be assessed, cleansed and rebalanced.

Crystals may be placed upon or near the body to align the crystals’ vibration to interact with you own energy field to facilitate healing.

Working upon various parts of the body placing, hands will be placed in positions around the head, shoulders, stomach and feet. Each area is worked upon depending how much energy needs to feed into the system.

You may feel sensations of heat deep relaxation, contentedness or may fall asleep. You may also feel emotional as tensions, blockages and anxiety are released.

The Human Energy Field – the ‘Aura’

Scientific research has shown that we have an electromagnetic field all around the body, extending four to five feet. Within this field, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies are held. The vibration of this energy is very fine and is also referred to as the Subtle Body.

All living things have this energy field and it is known as an‘Aura’. It is a manifestation of energy, a luminous body surrounding and permeating our physical body, which can be felt or seen by healers. The seven layers of the Aura are directly connected to the seven energy centres of the body known as the chakras. The colours of the aura emanate from the body, creating an egg shaped field that is constantly in motion.

Each layer of the Aura has its own unique characteristics and associations. All seven layers blend together to form the entire Auric Field which can be seen as a blend of coloured frequencies. Colour is reflected, emitted or transmitted light from an object or living thing, in this case it can be seen as a form of energy within the Aura. The Aura is greatly influenced by thoughts and emotions and what substances we put into our bodies. The energy of the Aura shifts continuously. These changes are observed as alterations in colour.

Our health is reflected within the Aura, and the effects of alcohol and drugs have been shown through ‘Aura Imaging’ to change the colours or deplete the strength of the energy field. Aura Imaging is a process whereby a photograph is taken of an individual’s electromagnetic energy field – the aura. The resulting image reflects the colours and patterns within the individual’s aura. Thoughts are a form of energy. Negative thinking can weaken the aura.

Positive thinking, love and the vibrations of crystals can all influence the energy field to nourish or replenish it, as they are also emitting energy in the form of vibrational frequencies. As our emotions and feelings change so does the blueprint of the Aura. The energy field of the body is interpreted in many different ways by various cultures and religions throughout the world and has many names. In Sanskrit it is known as the Pariveshaha.

The seven layers of the Aura

The Aura can be seen or read by psychics, mediums and healers and is part of the energy that they connect with to work. Its vibrational energies are described as the seven Subtle bodies. Each of these bodies also relates to the seven main chakras.

The Etheric Body

The first layer sits closest to the physical body and is the It is the foundation upon which the other layers sit and feed into the body. Within this layer vital energy is channelled through meridians to the chakras. The energy is in constant motion and expands up to two inches outside the physical body. It also attunes our consciousness to the principle of energy and relates to the Root chakra.

The Emotional Body

The second layer correlates to our feelings and perception of them. It extends to up to three inches from the body and relates to the Sacral chakra and is, in essence, emotional energy. Negative feelings can be felt within this layer.

The Mental Body

The third layer relates to psychological processes, our thoughts and the Solar Plexus chakra. It is influenced by the ego and will power. An imbalance can manifest as a lack of mental clarity, self-limiting beliefs, doubt and confusion. The energy extends from three to eight inches from the body.

The Astral Body

The fourth layer is the ether-like counterpart of the physical body. It acts as a bridge between the three innermost layers (which are associated with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our being) and the three outer layers, which relate to the spiritual elements of our existence. This layer is associated with the Heart chakra and in turn performs a similar role to the Heart chakra as the bridge between the physical body and spiritual dimensions. It too relates to the higher vibrations of compassion, unconditional love and acceptance. The energy extends from about six inches to twelve inches from the body but is also capable of Astral Travel.

The Astral body is attached to the physical body at the navel by a cord of energy. During sleep, the Astral body, accompanied by the mind, can travel to other dimensions. This is referred to as Astral Projection.

The Etehric Template Body

The fifth layer functions as an energetic map or blueprint of the physical body and relates to the qualities of divine expression coming into being. It is similar to the function of the Throat chakra, where thoughts are manifested into being through the expression of sound, in the form of speech. The energy of this field extends from twelve to eighteen inches from the body.

The Celestial Body

The sixth layer holds the spiritual emotions, similar to the Third Eye chakra, the qualities of which are also reflected within this energy layer. In the same way that meditation connects us to the Third Eye chakra for spiritual development and understanding so too does this layer. It can be worked upon through meditation. It relates to our connection with a higher power and spiritual ecstasy. The energy of the Celestial Body extends up to thirty-three inches from the physical body.

The Ketheric or Causal Body

The seventh layer relates to the conscious understanding of our spiritual existence. Through bringing our consciousness to this layer we know that we are connected to a higher force and the universe. The Crown chakra and this layer are both associated with the qualities of being at one with the creator. All aspects of our being and the Auric field are integrated within this layer. The energy extends up to forty-two inches from the physical body.

Distance Healing

A healing that is practiced when the recipient is not physically in the same room as the healer is known as distance healing. It allows the recipient to benefit from the healing process even if they are unable to be present due to illness or other circumstances. There are various methods in which the healer can send the healing energy. It works in a similar way to being in the presence of the healer. For example, the healer can tune into the recipient’s energy body and sense what is required for that healing session in the same way that they would if the recipient were present. Alternatively, a telephone conversation can be had prior to the distance healing session and healing can be sent to the areas of the body that have been discussed, or in its simplest form, healing energy can be sent with the pure intention to heal and find its own balance within the recipient where needed. distance healing can be as effective as seeing a healer in person.

What is Universal Life-force energy?

Universal Life-force Energy is the underlying power of creation a vibration within everything. It is the continuous flow of energy from the source of all things, constituting, sustaining and pervading all that exists. It can be viewed as a unifying, infinite and eternal source representing the smallest particle and the greatest galaxy.

Ancient cultures in India, Japan, China and Egypt understood that the human body is made up of dynamic energy systems the – subtle bodies or The Human Energy Field. This energy system interacts within an individual and with any other living thing and the environment it inhabits. The Chakra system and the acupuncture meridian system are two ancient models that represent the origins and flow of universal life-force around the body.

Though not composed of matter, the subtle bodies are detectable through touch and are often experienced by energy healers as feelings of dis-ease and sensations. Many healers also work intuitively and they perceive illness within the mind’s eye using their psychic gifts. Extending beyond the physical body are multiple subtle bodies through which vital energy fields interpenetrate each other and the physical body, creating a very powerful effect on our well-being and directly influencing the condition of our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Distance healing sends vital universal life-force energy into the Human Energy Field, where the energy is transmuted into a form that is usable at the cellular level. The energy recharges, realigns, and rebalances the subtle bodies, creating harmony and wholeness to the recipient’s entire system. When the body is in balance, it can heal itself.

How Distance Healing works

Healers have recognised for centuries what modern astro-physicists and quantum scientists have only recently become aware of: The world as we understand it is an illusion and is fundamentally composed entirely of energy. We are all made of this energy, vibrating at different frequencies. A healer works intuitively with this universal life-force energy facilitating a process of transferring and balancing the energy to the recipient.

It can be viewed in a similar manner to the way in which electricity works. Electricity, a form of energy, is normally generated in one location, for example a power station. This energy is then transmitted to another location to supply power to buildings and streets lights. The electricity travels along power lines bringing the energy to specific and far reaching locations. Distance healing works in a similar manner sending healing energy along unseen energetic lines and meridians to the recipient. The healer doesn’t generate the energy or use their own energy they simply channel universal energy to the person receiving the healing.

Any living thing can receive healing of any kind. distance Healing can be used to maintain health, to encourage transformation and to relieve stress and anxiety. Depending on how the healer works, distance healing usually requires the recipient to lie down for a stated period of time, without distraction or interruption. Healing can also be given and received during sleep.

Distance Healing can be sent to those who are unwell and unable to travel. It can be arranged by family or friends for someone who is in great need of healing. Under these circumstances permission from the recipient to receive the healing energies is preferable, if possible.

Space Clearing – balancing the energy within the home

The energy within a home has a sense of being, it is a constantly changing energy that is fed by the energy we create within it. Understanding that our home or the workplace has an evolving energy, a consciousness of its own can lead to a working balance of harmony that supports our daily life. If that energy is stagnant it can influence the energy of the inhabitants within.

Re-working the energetic blueprint of an intended space. Space realigns the flow of energy in the home or business to bring about positive changes within. New intentions can be set to improve wellbeing, achieve life goals, create harmony or generate business directives. A positive flow of energy will influence the inhabitants within and set the space for good things to come.

You can walk into any house, office or business premise and sense if there is a good vibe or not. For many, the home is a place of sanctuary, security and, rooted deep within the psyche, survival. We protect our homes, we safeguard them and their contents retreating within to heal, restore and renew. We ritualise countless elements of the process of living, birthdays, parties, christenings etc. and imbue intentions and celebrations with good energy. . In death the home is a place for shared grieving, celebration of life, mourning and healing. They are spaces which soak up the experiences of those people occupying them.

Our thoughts are energy. They form our personality, guided by our souls’ inclinations and driven by our egos’ perception and interpretation of the world about us. These thoughts and actions form energy patterns, imbuing the space occupied by any living thing with the essence of their existence. A space can be influenced either positively or negatively.

In every culture the function of the home and workplace play an important role for people to cluster; through ritual, festivities and familial celebrations

Releasing negative influences, for example the energy after a bitter break up or divorce, sets the canvas for a new future to be created within. Oils, incense, fire, prayer and incantations are used in rituals to purify and revive the energy within many religious, native and spiritual practices throughout time. Business ventures are blessed for abundance and good fortune. All of these processes change, revive and discharge energy and ultimately make a connection with a universal energy of a higher nature, realigning us with the source of creation.

Should a home be experiencing paranormal activity, then the energy is within that space is being directly influenced by another soul’s energy. The process for clearing this energy is called Soul Rescue.

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