Name in Sanskrit Anahata - unstruck
Symbol Six pointed star of two interlaced triangles
Location Heart
Essence I love
Function Transformation
Quality Compassion
Colour Green
Element Air
Sound Yam
Gland Thymus

Heart chakra

The Heart chakra lies in the middle of the 7 main chakras. It is a centre of transformation and transition nurtured by the qualities of compassion and love. It acts as a bridge between the denser energies of the lower chakras relating to the embodiment of physical incarnation and the lighter energies of those above it, associated with enlightenment of the soul.

The lower 3 chakras embody the physical and personal concerns of survival (Root), self-knowledge (Sacral) and personal power (Solar Plexus). From the heart upwards are the chakras of the souls journey and relationship with universal conscious and a divine higher power.

The symbol of the heart centre is a six pointed star made from two triangles, one inverted and overlaid upon the other. The upwards pointing triangle represents the origins of energy flowing upwards from the earth and the other (inverted triangle) points downwards symbolising the divine energetic source from the heavens. It is where the essences of the physical and the spiritual meet. The forces of the physical body and the self merge with the soul and connection to a higher power.

In Sanskrit, Anahata translates to “unstruck” or unhurt, meaning that beneath the pain and grievance of past experiences dwells a pure and spiritual place where no hurt exists. The essence of the Heart chakra is unconditional love, self-acceptance and forgiveness. Love has been recognized in most spiritual traditions as the ultimate healing force so the Heart chakra is your healing centre. This energy allows us to acknowledge that we are part of something larger and that a universal force of love interconnects us. Most spiritual traditions recognize and accept love as a unifying force, a fundamental part of the universe and our-selves. When energy flows through your heart chakra, unconditional love, for the self, others and divine love can be found.

Imbalanced chakra

Most people have fears regarding the vulnerability of love because most of us have some form of associated pain, be it a relationship breakdown, the death of a loved one or having love taken for granted and misused. Giving and receiving love can be wrapped up in fear, which may weaken the energy flow within the chakra. Obsessions may enlarge it, by causing congestion, all of which prevent a feeling of free flowing love and true contentedness.

When you have such feelings, you have the choice to either hold onto them or let them go by feeling them fully rather than repressing and releasing them to the past. Holding on to negative feelings cuts you off from feeling more love and new experiences that await you.

The best way to receive love is to give it. If the Heart chakra is blocked you may experience feelings of betrayal, hatred of yourself and others, fear, anger and jealousy. Isolation, loneliness affects the chakra deeply and can lead to feelings of being misunderstood and. The Heart chakra can be affected by thoughts and feelings concerning:

Related psychological or emotional symptoms:
Grief, fear of betrayal, issues with intimacy, co-dependency, jealousy, obsessive thoughts, not being able to forgive.

Physically, the Heart chakra rules the Lymphatic system, the thymus gland, heart and lungs. The Heart is a life-giving organ of great significance; stale blood is pumped into and through it breathing life and air into the whole body. It can be under great stress from psychological and physical concerns. Holding emotions in the Heart chakra can affect the body greatly so releasing emotional pain is a fundamental part of healing.

Related physical ailments:
Fatigue, asthma/allergies, breast cancer, bronchial Pneumonia, circulation, fatigue, heart conditions, high blood pressure, immune disorders, lung disorder and function

Healing the Heart chakra

When energy flows through your Heart chakra, you radiate love which then enables you to feel unconditional love for the self and others, without becoming co-dependant, or relying on love outside of yourself to feel O.K. To have true compassion is to love without expectation or judgement, to give without wanting anything in return and to see through the eyes of the creator that all beings are worthy of love. It is a chakra that unifies deep bonds with others enabling a sense of caring, respect and kindness.

Empathy is the single most important emotion that can serve you to feel a deep connection and understanding to others. Placing yourself in another’s shoes or relating a situation to your own fears binds you to the experience of pain and myriad of emotions and actions that derive from it. This gives way to a space in which understanding can be found, where mistakes can be forgiven and emotional healing can take place through love and acceptance. The best way to receive love is to give it.

The Heart chakra is one of choice you can choose to let go of old emotions or hold on to them and allow them to continue to cause more pain and hurt, more often to ourselves. Discharging negative energy and working with your-self to enable forgiveness can lead to inner peace.

Crystals to support the Heart chakra:

Green Aventurine, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Dioptase, Kunzite, Green Kyanite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Malachite.