Energy Healing explained

"What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine , you create." BUDDHA

As well as being a human being, you are also a being that is composed of light, love and intelligence, an over all “energy”, in its purest form, a soul. Energy Healing can work to rebalance and restore this element to support the physical functions of the human body.

Your body has a manifested energy field, which is known as the Aura; this is composed of seven different layers (shown in the 1st image below). It is constantly in motion, continuously taking in and sending out vibrating energy waves through openings in the aura know as chakras.


Chakras can be described as energy centres spinning vortices or fan-like wheels located deep within the body that conduct energy. Within the chakras and aura, information about your mind, body and soul is stored, influencing how the chakras function. It is this energy information that is accessed by a healer through the many forms of healing practiced worldwide for thousands of years.

Energy healing, also known as Reiki, Spiritual healing or Bio - energy healing, tends to focus largely on 7 major chakras, which act as energy centres connected by pathways called meridians, within your body, channelling vital life force, also know as Chi, Prana or Qui, throughout your body tissue and organs.

Each energy centre is located next to a hormonal gland within the body and is associated with different physical, emotional and spiritual attributes. There are many smaller chakras located within the aura and body, mapping out a complimentary system to support the body, mind and soul.

When your body experiences illness, injury or trauma, (mental or physical) these pathways become blocked and the chakras congested. To the healer, they will appear dark in colour or dense energetically. Energy healing works to bring the body into an overall state of wellbeing by determining which of the energy centres are under or over functioning. A healthy chakra will spin rapidly in a clockwise direction.

The chakras can be so heavily influenced by thought alone that the energetic imbalance within your being can be altered to a state of dis-ease but equally brought back in to a more harmonious state with a combination of healing and applied mental/emotional adjustments.

Thoughts control how energy is conducted within and around the body and this energy is greatly affected by internal and external influences of your daily life. How you feel about yourself and others, the environment in which you live and work, your aspirations and your self-limiting behaviours all effect the movement of this life force within you and how those feelings and thoughts are interpreted or projected by the chakras.

The 7 chakras, working from the base upwards are as follows:


The lower three chakras, Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus concern the issues of the body, survival, coming into being, inner stability and self-awareness.

The Heart chakra, our fourth centre, is the point of transformation and where the material elements of the self and body evolve and blend into the universal harmony of soul and love.

The three chakras of the throat, brow and crown reflect the spiritual concerns of communication, awareness and enlightenment.

The seven Chakras physically correspond to and are located next to the endocrine system, a collection of seven sets of glands which function to secrete hormones that regulate growth/development, tissue function, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, mood and sleep patterns. The equilibrium of the whole body is entwined physical and spiritually thought these relating systems of energy and essential bodily function.

It is important to look at the characteristics of each Chakra to understand how our thoughts, actions and behaviours influence them positively and negatively.

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