“You don’t have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.” C.S Lewis

What is the Soul?

Once we understand the distinction between being a human that possibly has a soul and regarding ourselves as souls having a human experience, the fear of death and dying can be alleviated. Also we can then begin to consider the concept of our existence as one that is eternal, composed of energy in the form of a conscious vibration. You can look at it like this; the body without a soul is a light bulb without electricity. It is the energy that permeates the body the “I” or self.

The soul is the immaterial or spiritual part of a human being or animal, which is immortal. Understanding that life continues after death because the soul is an energy which survives the death of the physical body and enters a dimension that we cannot fully perceive as a human being is something that releases the mystery and ‘magic’ around all work of Psychics, Mediums and Healers. We are all souls born to realize individual purposes or to fulfil and learn various lessons of life and our energy continues after death.

A Psychic, Medium or Healers connect with the energy of an individual’s soul to do their work. Within the energy of the soul is held all the information of that souls’ existence, their thoughts and experiences.

How a Medium works

A Medium works in conjunction with their Spirit Guide as a channel to make a connection with spirit to communicate and pass on messages from those who have died and whose souls have transitioned into the afterlife. This can be referred to as a Sitting.

All Mediums are naturally psychic and therefore use their psychic gifts within the sitting. Some Mediums may only work to provide the evidence of the continuation of life, and will often give the sitter information that confirms how someone died, describing past events, personality traits and messages of love and support, to give comfort to the person having the sitting. Others work as Psychic Mediums using both gifts in conjunction to give intuitive guidance and pass on messages from those who have died.


Often you will hear the term ‘in spirit’ used when having a sitting or a reading, this can mean that someone has died and is now a ‘spirit’ or ‘in spirit’ – an essence of themselves as a soul, with other souls in another dimension. The notion of a soul should not be confined to just one religion as it represents the energy that animates all life, which is universal.

The term ‘Spirit’ can also be used collectively to refer to a medium or psychics guides when passing on information or evidence of survival in the form of a message, for example, they might say “ Spirit is saying …“ or refer to their Spirit Guide when receiving information.

There are many different names for the soul and its’ qualities throughout the world and ancient cultures.

Spirit Guides

Psychics and Mediums will work with their guides to make a connection with your energy field or someone who has passed over to relay information that you may want or need to know. This process is facilitated by a Spirit Guide, a non-physical, spiritual being.

We are all assigned a spirit guide before we are born into the physical world and become human. At various points in life, a person’s guides may change, for example when someone whom you have loved has died, they may then choose in the afterlife, to guide you, in that role, as a continuation of their presence in your life, You can have more than one guide and may or may not be aware of their presence in your life. The words ‘guide’ and ‘spirit’ guide are used interchangeably and mean the same thing.

A guide may also steer you towards circumstances or situations that reveal your purpose to work in some form spiritual service or if you are seeking spiritual advancement. A guide’s role is to do as it implies, to guide or enable you to fulfil a spiritual contract of learning and soul development that was made with yourself before birth.

A Psychic, Medium or Healer, will have developed a relationship with their own guide to advance their spirituality in order to use their ‘gifts’ and to work as a channel for psychic guidance, evidence of survival of life after death or healing energies. Often they are called ‘Light Workers’ as they work in service of the ‘Light’, which refers to a higher power or universal source of love. A spirit guide is the vital connection to the spirit dimensions.

Soul Rescue and Spirit Attachment

Earthbound spirits are souls which have, for one reason or another, not returned to the source of creation. They can be known as ghosts, spirits, poltergeists or lost souls. Sometimes there can be a lot of fear associated with such occurrences, which demonises a traumatic experience not only for the individual to which the soul has attached but also for the soul that is earthbound. Souls attach energetically to humans, animals or the environment within a building or in some cases even the land upon which it died for many reasons and most of which are not sinister in their intent. Spirit Attachment Release or Soul Rescue can help the soul to return to the source of creation to develop and continue upon it’s own path.

Spirits become earthbound at the point of death of the physical body where the soul needs to transition into the afterlife. This can happen for various reasons, for example, if the death is traumatic or violent the overriding thoughts are of not leaving but are of confusion or disbelief, rather than crossing over into the light. Another common reason for not transitioning is that they simply don’t know that they have died due to shock and more often the soul doesn’t know how to cross. We aren’t taught how to die. It is from that point in time that a soul becomes “earthbound”

Common reasons for a soul to become Earthbound are:

  • They don’t know or want to accept that their physical body has died

  • They fear death and “ punishment” for their conduct in their earthy life

  • They didn’t have any particular religious or spiritual beliefs and therefore fear or don’t know how to cross over

  • They want to remain close their loved ones

  • They became confused at the point of death and didn’t know what to do

If the predominant thought in the mind of the soul is one of disbelief then it is presented with a problem in acceptance of their physical body’s death. From the viewpoint of the spirit, nothing has changed-they are still that same individual, with the added confusion of a time and space distortion. They will perceive their surroundings from the time period in which their physical body died, for example in 1750 there would be horse drawn carriages rather than cars.

In the case of an earthbound spirit occupying a house, they may not even be aware that their home is inhabited by humans in our present day or they may be aware of another’s presence and wonder why humans in physical from are living in their house. They can therefore cause disturbances to encourage them to leave. In being unaware that time has passed since their death, they remain stuck in a dimension and therefore their souls need to be “rescued” and helped to transition back in to the light.

Much like our physical bodies need food and water to function, the Soul needs a source of energy. Within our physical body there is a constant presence of energy, our ‘energy body’. Comprising of a system of chakras and meridians, energy is channelled within the physical body supplying the muscles, tissues organs etc with life force. This complex ‘energy body’ in conjunction with our thoughts, feelings and emotions forms our soul. A soul will need to find a source of energy in order to exist and this can be done in two ways, by attaching to a human and drawing upon their life force or by inhabiting a building or land, which is a more complex process of harnessing energy.

Reasons why a Soul or Spirit may want to attach themselves to a living human from are:

  • The soul believes it is easier to harness energy from a human than the land as it is more readily available.

  • The soul wants to continue ‘living’ and enjoy its previous pleasures, activities and, or addictions.

  • They have seen other spirits attach and don’t know of any other way to find a source of energy.

  • They have a wilful intent to cause harm to others, and manipulate a living body to exact revenge or hurt another individual.

There are varying levels of spiritual attachment. In human form, we have a physical body, which comprises of billions of atoms and molecules, each of which have their own energy vibration to make the cells that form our bones, blood, organs and tissues. This system of energetic particles is known as the Human Energy Field or, the Aura. Equally, we have our spirit or soul, which consists of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, which too are forms of energy. Both of these elements make up the energy body.

If a spirit wants or needs to harness this energy, it can attach itself to a living human’s Energy Field by accessing the aura through a weakness or break in the energy field. These points of vulnerability can occur within our auras, through ill health, weak immune system, at low points in our life or through sheer force of will of the attaching souls’ need to access a source of energy.

The individual who has the attachment may be completely unaware of the attachment and in many cases the attached soul does not have any desire to cause harm or manipulation, it is in survival mode and therefore doing what it needs to exist. Once the attachment is made, there becomes an energetic link much like an umbilical cord, where by the energies between the two are exchanged. So if the soul that died was unwell at the time of passing the living individual may experience those symptoms of ill health for no apparent reason. This energy exchange may also influence the living individual in terms of emotions, thoughts and actions that are not their own.

Other signs of the attachment are:

  • Fatigue or prolonged ill health as the living individual is essentially supporting the energetic needs for two.

  • Mood swings and behavioural issues, as you are ‘sharing’ space and energy you are therefore ‘sharing’ perceptions, attitudes, thoughts and feelings.

  • Thoughts of aggression to others that ‘are not your own’

  • Feelings of depression, loneliness and sadness.

In the case of a spirit attachment fully inhabiting a living individual and pushing their soul to one side (which was once known as a possession) there would be significant physical, behavioural, emotional and psychological changes.

On working with an earthbound soul, more often than not it will ask, “Where am I?” Soul Rescue is centred around facilitating a transition into the source of creation helping the soul to understand, and then emotionally accept, their physical body has died is the most poignant and essential element to this work. It is a process of emotional rescue as much as spiritual. Once the soul has come to fully comprehend, accept and then want to move on, the remaining elements of the process flow more easily and the soul is returned to its source.

Past Lives

Past life memories are an autobiographical record of your eternal souls previous lifetimes. The soul is immortal, living within a mortal body, reincarnating through different bodies in various life times. The memories of each life-time are held within the sub-conscious and we forget them in order to approach a new life without conscious influence from previous ones, so new lessons can be learnt or patterns broken.

There can still be the energetic charge from those times, which affect us sub-consciously in the form of life patterns. They can be positive or negative and we will often repeat these patterns until the soul has learnt from them or to approach them differently and evolve through forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding. The energy of previous trauma or ill health can manifest in this life-time again as illness or negative influences that can be dispelled and healed, in turn gaining insight and a new perspective on present day issues.

Signs of recognizing a past life can be:

  • A feeling of recognition or déjà vu on visiting a new place for the first time.

  • Unexplained feelings of joy or terror when visiting new places or countries.

    A sense of “knowing’ and internal recognition on meeting someone for the first time, that you have met before or have a feeling of deep connection.

  • Recurring vivid dreams from a particular time in history.

  • An intense fascination with a period of history or ancient civilizations.

  • Unexplained immediate and intense dislike of someone you have met for the first time.