Amethyst - to calm the spirit
Its properties and benefits are:
High vibration crystal
Powerful healing aid, especially useful to overcome addictions
Stimulates clarity of thought
Relieves grief
Protective shield
Develops psychic abilities
Brings wisdom and clarity of spiritual laws
Chakra: Crown, Third Eye and Sacral

Amethyst has a strong vibration that provides powerful healing, spiritually, emotionally and physically. It is a high vibration crystal, which brings intense spiritual development. Used in meditation it’s calming properties connect with a high vibration and once the mind is still it enhances the users higher state of awareness through the Crown chakra. When used to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra it enhances intuition, clairvoyant abilities and creativity. One of the few crystals which does not need cleansing, it will also cleanse other crystals with its vibration. At the Sacral chakra it can be used to beat addictions and to heal the pain of the inner child.

Amethyst is one the most healing crystals due to its high vibration. It calms the mind to bring clarity of thought and stress relief. Its strength is through soothing vibration which balances anger and relieves sadness, anxiety and depression. As it stimulates the mind it also brings motivation, concentration and memory improvement.