Name in Sanskrit Muladhara - foundation/support
Symbol Square
Location Base of Spine, between anus and genitals
Essence I am safe
Function Embodiment
Quality Identity, grounding
Colour Red
Element Earth
Sound Lam
Gland Adrenal

Root chakra

The Root chakra sits at the base of the spine and is the foundation upon which all the other chakras sit, spinning at the slowest rate. Balancing the root chakra is essential to creating a solid foundation and flow of energy for the chakras above. It is the root of your existence and establishes the deepest connections to your physical body, your environment and the energy from the Earth.

This is the centre of grounding the self in body and reality, of action and moving forward and physical security. It is the most instinctual chakra and is also the power behind achieving the things you want in life. Your relationship to your body and how you respect, nourish and treat it are the building blocks of a constant flow of positive energy and health throughout the whole body.

Imbalanced chakra

The primal fight or flight response is initiated from this centre and is associated with your sense of safety and security, the basic needs of survival and all issues relating to your identity, familial relationships, your home and a lack of money.

If the Root chakra becomes congested you may feel like you are in a rut, stuck and can’t move forward. Blockages also occur after bereavements, traumatic events and major life changes. Congestion within the centre inhibits the release of emotions such as:

Fear, guilt, grief, sadness, hatred, self doubt lack of self-respect

In order to move forward we need to release these negative emotions and harness the power of transformation that is held within the Root chakra’s centre.

We have an inherent need for connection, nourishment, companionship and protection – all of which directly relate to love, relationships, money, the home and work environments and of having our very basic needs met – without them we live in fear. When your needs are met, i.e. you have a home to live in and can pay your mortgage, you feel grounded and safe.

Security gives us stability. Your development as a child and how your caregivers treated you is essential to forming trust. The role of a parent is to provide you with what you need to survive. As a child in their care, they should feed, shelter and clothe you with love and nurture your development. Their influence shapes how you experience the world about you. Later in life when it is time to flee the nest you should be able to interact with your peers in well rounded manner, have a developed a sense of self-reliance and capability providing a safety of your own survival as you venture out into the world.

Withholding those basic needs of protection and love and replacing them with mistreatment and inconsistency instils mistrust in a child because the world about them is not experienced as a place that can be trusted to ensure survival. Such neglect can lead to numbing behaviours later in life, through alcohol, drugs, food issues, gambling and sex.

Depression, numbing behaviours and a lack of self-respect, discipline and love, weaken the flow of energy from the earth into the Root chakra, so we can become ungrounded and disconnected. Perception of your own physical body, and how you or others have treated it (physical or sexual abuse) are also issues relating this centre.

Related psychological ailments
Depression, carrying old anger, fear or hatred of others, fear of letting go, Issues relating to sexual abuse, lack of confidence and courage, phobias, anxiety, abandonment issues, obsessions, insecurity, addictive behaviours, eating disorders

Related physical ailments
Lower back pain, knee and feet problems, fatigue, stress, over working or irregular fight/flight response, issues related to the bones, constipation, diarrhoea, high blood pressure, weight gain

Healing the Root chakra

Our body cannot function without a mind or soul – it is the casing of our existence and nourishing the body with love and respect is the principle of all good health. Accessing the energy within the Root chakra to make positive changes activates everything that is innately within you. You do this by opening the Root chakra, connecting to the life force of the earth and balancing it with a positive flow of energy to the whole system. It is a gateway to:

The release of negative emotions

  • Healing the past

  • Moving forward

  • Achieving your goals

  • Promoting a sense of security and self belief

  • The ability to explore your life’s purpose and achieve success

  • A positive flow of energy to all the chakras and the Aura

A healthy Root chakra radiating positive and balanced energy allows you to build the life you want, achieve the dreams you have and stand on your own with great self-belief and determination.

Crystals to support the Root chakra are:

Black Kyanite, Smokey Quartz, Black or Red Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Garnet, Hematite, Boji Stone, Jet, Red Sardonyx