Choose what you want to pay

Why do I do this?

I offer variety in my pricing to allow my services to reach as many people as possible. Please choose the payment option that best relates to your circumstances.

Please only make payment for your session once you have confirmed your booking date and time with me.

To book your appointment time and date, please call or message me on (+44) 07873 558 175

Or email me at

International callers may prefer to use WhatsApp +44 7873 558 175

Alternatively you can direct message me on instagram: @soulstarstories.

Please note that I am based in the UK, for international enquiries I am available between the hours of 10am and 8pm GMT.

All online consultations and healing services must be paid for in advance via bank transfer or Paypal m and 24 hours notice given to reschedule or for a full refund.

Psychic, Mediumship Disclaimer

Under UK Law, Psychic consultations and Mediumship, are now regulated under Consumer Protection law, which means in order to meet this law, all consultations must be viewed as entertainment and not used in place of professional, medical, psychiatric or legal and financial advice.

Consultations can only be given to people over 18yrs old.

Any decisions and choices that you make from a consultation are your own legal and personal responsibility.

Healing Disclaimer

With regard to all healing services, medical and veterinary advice must be acquired for serious conditions and the healing therein used as a complimentary support not a sought after diagnosis or cure.

Website and Blog Disclaimer

Within this website there may be links to other websites and other sources of information. Every attempt to ensure that the content is suitable will be made however the inclusions of other sources and links does not necessarily imply or reflect a recommendation/endorsement of extraneous views expressed within them.

Any advice or information that you receive from this website or a consultation with me is open to personal interpretation.

Equine and Animal Healing Disclaimer

Please seek veterinary advice prior to any condition that requires treatment. It is important that all sources of pain, disease or illness be investigated properly. Energy healing is a complimentary treatment and I cannot work with any equine/animal that is suffering from a major illness or complaint that has not been thoroughly examined. Make sure to check for Saddle, Feet and Back teeth issues and any ailment that may need Chiropractic treatment. Behavioural issues may also be the result of pain. I am happy to work in conjunction with any vet should you wish me to.