Why I want to help

As a healer, intuitive and medium I am inspired to help those living with emotional and physical pain. Poor health, grief, loss, traumatic life events and sudden changes in circumstances can all contribute to feelings of being held back, disconnected, confused and helpless. Having personal experience of chronic poor health and many personal challenges to overcome, assisting others in their progress to find balance is my core intention.

My desire is to guide my clients to a place of empowerment. Finding that place of self contentment and inner peace comes from taking stock of our life experiences, finding a new vantage point from which to view those struggles and then moving through them with deeper clarity understanding and purpose.

We need to live the life we have now to its fullest and most abundant. I believe we have the tools within ourselves to heal as much as possible on many levels by taking the right steps and finding the right people to help us.

When I work intuitively with a client, my aim is to set them on a path of self-development and discovery. Self-knowledge and understanding are powerful sources of nourishment, the building blocks for transformation and inner contentment. I have developed my abilities spiritually to channel intuitive guidance to help my clients evolve and learn to listen to their own intuitive senses and to encourage them to seek their own inner healing, be it physical, emotional or spiritual.

By changing the story we tell ourselves about who we are can bring about powerful healing. Once we begin to understand who we have become through our life experiences we can break free to find the lessons within those challenges. We can then ascertain how to further evolve to make choices that serve us better embracing the future with love and a deeper connection to the self. This, I believe, is the path to lasting change and inner peace.

Helping my clients to connect with themsleves and the universe, to transform, is the most enriching work I can imagine.

Get in touch here if you want to start that discovery for yourself.


My Story

From a young age I was aware that how I saw the world was perhaps different to others. I frequently dreamed about events which came true, I also knew when people were being born or when people were pregnant and most significantly I knew at the age of nine that my grandmother had died. I wasn’t freaked out because the inner knowing felt natural but I didn’t understand why I knew.

My inner compass in day-to-day living was accompanied by a sense of simply ‘knowing’. As I grew older I began to feel and dream more events that would come true and I became aware that other people didn’t have the same experiences; I felt different.

It wasn’t until I met my great aunt in my early twenties that my psychic experiences made sense to me. She was a medium and a psychic and on meeting me she announced “she has the gift.” It struck a chord within me that I couldn’t ignore anymore because I knew I had no tangible way to explain how I just ‘knew’ things. My aunt made me realise that her ‘normal’ was my ‘normal’ and I didn’t feel so different anymore.

From that moment I began my own transformative process, connecting with the energies of the universe to develop my intuition and follow the inner guidance of my soul.