Name in Sanskrit Vishudda – Purification
Symbol Circle
Location Throat
Essence I express my true voice, I listen
Function Communication
Quality Vibration/Sound
Colour Blue
Element Ether
Sound Ham
Gland Thyroid

Throat chakra

Located at the Adams Apple the Throat chakra is blue in colour, spinning at fast rate due to its high vibration. Physically, it influences the anatomical regions of the mouth, neck, tongue, jaw thyroid and parathyroid. Spiritually, it concerns connection to an inner relationship with a divine source. In knowing your creator, you know your inner-self by acknowledging the inherent divinity that lies within us all. With this in mind it is the centre of soul connection and speaking your most authentic truth. Faith and understanding unite to form the essence of the Throat chakra. Being able to listen to another is as equally important as speaking your own truth.

The Throat chakra relates to purification and the utilisation of sound vibration to bring things into being. Your voice comprises of words, which are thoughts manifested through sound. Chanting and prayer have been used for thousands of years as forms of communication from the inner-self to a higher power, the connection of which underpins this energy centre. Essential elements of a balanced chakra are inspired creativity of seeking and sharing the truth, in being able to stand up for your beliefs and opinions, being open and honest in what you say and also having the courage to say “No” when it is needed are. The energy of this chakra is directly linked to your personal sense of integrity and honour.

Imbalanced chakra

If we fear communication or have difficulty expressing our needs and getting them met then the Throat chakra can become closed, which weakens the energy supporting that region of the body. Finding the right balance between saying what you mean with tact or diplomacy and yet staying truthful to your self can be act to balance.

Two of the main issues that affect the Throat chakra are doubt and negative thinking. Fear of not being accepted, rejected, criticised or making someone angry hinders the expression of what you need to say your truth. This can bring about coping mechanisms which no longer serve you in the present, for example, a lack of self-assertion, lying to avoid confrontation or concealment resulting in a loss of identity. If you can’t speak up you cannot be who you want to be. Equally, a congested Throat chakra may be the result of obsessing unnecessarily about communicating and manifests as talking over someone too much in an attempt to find your inner-voice.

Related psychological or emotional ailments
Poor communication, overly accommodating of others’ needs, self doubt, lack of assertiveness, judgemental and criticising behaviours, habitual lying

Related Physical ailments
Asthma, bronchitis, ear infections, lost voice/ sore throats, ulcers, teeth and gum issues, TMJ, thyroid hyperactive/hypoactive, tinnitus, upper digestive tract problems

Healing the Throat chakra

When your Throat chakra is in balance, you become a good listener. From this stems a connection in giving someone one of the most profound and basic social needs, the experience of being heard.

Developing a sense of awareness of the effects of what we feel and think and how this can manifest into energy blocks, dis-ease within the body and the impact upon our lives is essential to using the vibration of the throat. If the mind is full of positive thoughts it equals a positive vibration and the effects manifest into a happier life. Searching for that is something we all think of. Utilising the subtle power of this chakra and creating a clear flow of energy will support you in defining and living your soul’s true purpose and the acknowledgment of another’s.

Crystals to support the Throat chakra:

Aqua Aura, Turquoise, Blue Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Celestite, Chrysocolla, Larimar, Sodalite, Aqua Marine.