“See the light in others and treat them as if that’s all you see.” Dr Wayne Dyer

How a Psychic works

A Psychic or Intuitive sees into a person as a whole, communicating on a higher vibrational level with their Guide to give you information about your present circumstances and the situations you are seeking guidance for. They receive this information visually or as a range of feelings, emotions or senses.

A psychic may also combine this intuitive insight with other psychic senses known as the Clairs, a collective name for various psychic abilities. A psychic uses these senses to connect with the energy within a persons Aura to give a Reading from the information that is held within the Human Energy Field about a persons past, present or future. Psychics do not make a connection to people who have died. If they do then they are working as a medium also. Each individual will have different level of skills, which is why no two readings are the same in style or content.

The sense of Intuition encapsulates all of the Clair senses and we all have it in varying degrees. It is the ability to perceive knowledge or information about a situation, feeling or idea relating to yourself, others or an event. The knowledge is felt inwardly and is often referred to as a gut feeling. There is a sense of certainty related to the knowledge and it’s felt within the Solar Plexus – the chakra which embodies the qualities of intuition.

The Clair Senses

The word ‘Clair’ is applied as a collective word to incorporate all types of psychic or intuitive sensitivity in harmony with the physical senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, sound and the emotions. These senses work beyond the limitations and external influences of ordinary time and space. It translates to mean ‘clear’ in conjunction with a sense, for example Clairvoyance means clear sight – into someone’s life, the future or past events.

Clairvoyance – relates to vision

Clairvoyance is performed by a heightening of vibrational frequency (energy), to visually perceive and connect with another dimension to see within that realm.

A clairvoyant will be given images to ‘see’ situations, that have happened in the past, present or future, receiving extrasensory impressions, symbols and mental images, which may be combined with other senses (see below), without the aid of physical eyes but seen within the mind’s eye, much like when we read a book we visualise images created by the words.

Clairaudience – relates to hearing

Clairaudience is the ability to ‘hear’ messages – again without the use of the physical ear. These messages may be in the form of words, voices and extrasensory noise, for example a Medium may hear the voice of someone who is in spirit, when working for an individual who wants to connect with someone who has died.

Clair Scent – relates to smell

Clair Scent is the ability to smell a fragrance, substance or odour which is not physically present within the room and without physically using the nose.

Clairgustance – relates to taste

Clairgustance is the ability to taste something during a reading, without having that substance present in the mouth.

Clairsentience – relates to sensation and feeling

Clairsentience or Clair-empathy is the ability to experience physical sensation and emotion within the body, for example when being ‘shown’ how someone has died. A Medium may feel the sensation of the person’s passing or the area of the body affected at the time. In a psychic reading, the emotions of the person having the reading may be felt and this is Clair-empathy. It is often read by sensing the elements of the aura.

Clairtagency or Psychometry – relates to touch

Clairtagency is often referred to as Psychometry and is the ability to read the history of an object or the owner of an object’s energy by touching it. This is performed by using a combination of the above psychic senses to read energy patterns held within the object’s energy field. The word Psychometry means ‘measuring the soul’, and was coined by Joseph Rodes Buchanan in 1842. His theory stipulated that everyone leaves a vibration or resonance on objects they handle. He believed that thoughts, actions and events would leave a persistent energetic imprint on an object and that certain sensitive people could ‘read’ the vibrations held within.

Our bodies emit energy as a vibrational frequency. Thought patterns and emotions are a form of energy. Whenever we wear something we are imprinting energy about ourselves upon that item through our vibrational magnetic frequency.

A psychic may ask a client to give them a piece of jewellery to hold, allowing the psychic to gain inner sight into a client’s energy pattern imprinted on that object and give a reading.

Another way in which psychometry can be used is when an object belonging to someone who has died is given to a medium to make a connection to that person in spirit. Metal objects such as jewellery which have been worn on a daily basis will retain a lot of information simply because the aura of that person has been in continual contact with the object and the object will retain that information.

Psychometry has been successfully used to solve many crimes and give insight into the events and circumstances surrounding various murder cases and abductions. A psychic may use their senses to see or feel such events, and a medium may use a combination of psychic senses and use an object to make a connection to its owner who is in spirit, to receive information.

Other examples of where psychometry can be used to read the energy of an item or location are:

Photographs can be used to make contact with a soul that is in spirit as they hold a lot of emotional information, where a sense of the individual’s personality can be felt, facilitating a strong connection.

Toys can be read as they can contain vital information about the emotional and mental state of children when dealing with child problems or behavioural issues.

When performing Space Clearing, walls – especially in old buildings – gather residual energies of past events and people who have inhabited the building.

The energy of furniture can be read. Armchairs, for example, can retain a lot of information about the person who used to sit in it. Household objects and clothing can be touched to receive information.

Antiques of any kind can retain information about previous owners and events that took place around them and the places in which they once occupied.

Land can also be read to gain insight into past or present events, for example a battlefield will hold the energy of any living thing that took part in that battle and the associated trauma derived from the event.

Auric sight

The ability to see or sense the colours within the aura or energy field of an individual, providing a reading of that energy and sensing the emotions, feelings, thoughts, health and mood of the individual.


Reading another’s thoughts and being able to send someone your thoughts.