Kyanite - to align and cleanse the chakras
Its properties and benefits are:
Aligns all chakras
Facilitates connections to spiritual dimensions
Removes energy blockages
Aids meditation
Enhances creativity

Chakras: All chakras

Kyanite comes in various colours, blue, green, orange and black. They have differing properties but a collective vibration of balance, alignment and cleansing qualities. All types of Kyanite can assist the body to heal and help the development of spiritual and psychic gifts.

Blue Kyanite can transfer and amplify energy. Its vibration forms a protective energetic shield when working with it, bringing all of the chakras into alignment. It is primarily associated with the higher three chakras and can be used to raise your energetic vibration, giving way to making contact with Spirit Guides. Used with the Third Eye chakra it can open the chakra to receiving information in a dream state. Used with the Throat chakra, the vibration opens and cleanses the chakra to facilitate self-expression and personal truth in a calm manner.

Green kyanite works with the Heart chakra to diminish anger with the vibration of love. In doing so the Heart chakra is then better equipped to receive love and promote forgiveness. As emotions are a form of energy and a chakra is an energy centre, the vibration of the crystal influences the vibration and emotions generated within the chakra. Balancing the energy of the Heart chakra is essential to relating from a place of love in connection to all relationships.

Orange Kyanite can be used on the lower three chakras but is especially useful for the Sacral chakra – the birth place of emotional stability and creativity. Orange Kyanite can be used to gain insight into understanding the origins of our desires, fueling them with creativity to achieve a positive outcome.

Black Kyanite is a very grounding stone when used with the Earth Star and Root chakras. The Earth Star chakra is located in the aura, 18 inches below the feet. Black Kyanite cleanses and supports this chakra by releasing cumulated energy, especially when performing intense spiritual or psychic work. The Earth Star chakra is where the vital life force energy that connects you to the earth’s magnetic core enters the aura. This chakra allows healers, mediums, psychics and mental health professionals to release any energies that may be picked up from their clients in their day-to-day work, by drawing upon the earth’s vibrational energy to cleanse the chakra. Black Kyanite’s vibration amplifies this process.