Rose Quartz - to find love
Its properties and benefits are:
Promotes all forms of love, romantic love, self-love, platonic love and unconditional love
Brings a sense of deep caring and self-care
Enhances happiness
Promotes forgiveness, compassion, trust and tolerance
Heals and strengthens relationships and friendships
Creates inner peace and harmony
Decreases stress levels

Chakra: Heart

Rose quartz, known as the heart stone emits the vibration of unconditional love, opening and healing the energy of the heart. Its soothing qualities give way to forgiveness of others and, most importantly, of yourself. It increases ones ability to love oneself as well as others. It helps heal emotional wounds and increases its wearer’s sense of self-worth. The path to finding true love is to love your-self. Rose quartz is a feel-good stone that nurtures, supports and allows you to feel the most powerful energy in the universe: LOVE.