Carnelian - an energising
power stone
Its properties and benefits are:
Increases physical energy
Enhances career decisions, ambition and life Stimulates self-motivation, personal power, self-esteem and assertiveness goals
Encourages confidence and creativity
Facilitates memory improvement, concentration and analytical skills

Chakra: Sacral, Root, Solar Plexus and Heart

It is a stone of ambition and drive and assists in career success and decision-making. Carnelian is the most powerful ACTION stone for focusing, realization and self-actualization through assertive behaviour. Self- actualization is the realization and fulfilment of your talent. It occurs when you maximize your potential by doing the very best you are capable of doing. Carnelian, like Citrine inspires us to be “in the moment”. When used with the Heart chakra, it instils courage-inspiring confidence to make healthy choices to find your best direction in life.

Energetically it promotes a flow of life force energy via the blood accelerating your motivation.

When used with the Sacral chakra, it restores vitality to the female reproductive organs boosting fertility. Used in conjunction with Citrine on the lower three chakras, it invigorates these energy centres into a powerful state of acceptance and transformation, releasing and negative emotions and encouraging positive change.