Iron Pyrite - for a positive
mental attitude
Its properties and benefits are:
Manifestation aid
Brings prosperity and abundance
Increases personal power, action and potential
Powerful protective shield against negative energy
Enhances self-belief and emotional well-being
Relieves anxiety, frustration and despair
Mends the Aura

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Third Eye, Root and Earth Star

Pyrite is a stone of positive thinking and manifestation. Its elemental fire energy is associated with enhancing the male energies within both males and females, bringing the fiery warmth of the sun to the Solar Plexus chakra to stimulate self worth, belief and action. It stimulates creative flow by opening up ones perception of the future. If we can envisage the wealth of potential and possibilities available to us, we are able to be creative in producing a more vibrant outcome. This positive action allows us to overcome feelings of inadequacy. Pyrite has a strong grounding energy when used with the Root and Earth Star chakras and protective qualities promoting focus when in the process of great change

When used for manifestation, its high-frequency energy infuses the Solar Plexus chakra with determination and willpower to create change. For this reason it can be used to overcome addictions.