Tune into The Lions Gate Portal on the 8th of August 2020

So what is The Lions Gate Portal?

Every year around the 26th July the “Lions Gate’ opens in the heavens and remains open until around the 12th of August and then comes into its’ full cosmic potential around the 8th. This is a powerful portal, an opening where highly charged Star Power energy is activated creating a gateway through which accelerated energies flow between the Spiritual and Physical realms. It is a potent time for growth, ascension and change.

During this time, there are a cocktail of cosmic energies at play. Firstly the Sun has entered the astrological sign of Leo, which is associated with the energies of the Sun, personal power and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Think of Leo as the Child of the Sun  a powerful marriage of  two vibrant energies at this moment bringing your spiritual and personal power into their optimum state of potential. The Lion’s Gate opening is an invitation to accept and amplify your own personal power and use it in ever-expanding ways.  We are continually creating and fuelling our own reality and at this moment there is an opportunity to supercharge and access those higher frequencies to unite with Divine Love. 

Secondly the Rising Star or Dog Star, Sirius, is in perfect alignment with the Earth creating an energetic influx on the 8th day of the 8th month. Another source of power found in this cosmic alignment comes from the combination of the energy of the double presence of the number eight.

The Lions Gate has long been associated with the Ancient Egyptians and the Great Pyramids of Giza. During this alignment, the Star Sirius rises into sky shining at its brightest, just as the three stars within the belt of Orion align directly above the three Pyramids of Giza. Egyptian mythology describes the gods descending from the belt of Orion and Sirius– the brightest star in the sky. The ancient Egyptian civilisations firmly believed that from Sirius and Orion beings came in the form of humans, Osiris and Isis, to begin the creation of the human race.

The Star Sirius and the constellation of Orion were believed to represent Isis and Osiris, the god and goddess from which all of the Egyptian civilisation and ultimately, all of the human civilisation, emerged. They worshipped their Gods so deeply that their culture centred around the continuation of the soul into the eternal afterlife.

So how does the magic happen? 

As Sirius comes into alignment with the Earth, there is highly concentrated surge of light, which activates the energy within our DNA, filtering high vibrational energies  deep into our Human Energy Field. You can read more about the H.E.F here. 

These frequencies give us the opportunity to unite and evolve with our Ascension Path both individually and as collective, bringing with them frequencies to awaken ancient codes within our Higher Consciousness. It is a time to unfold your divine light within and embody universal divinity through the Crown Chakra, here the energies can merge with and open the Heart Chakra as a divine expression of love and unity.

The power of 8

Why is the energy of 8 so powerful? If you tip an eight on its side you have the symbol for infinity, an endless cycle of flowing and limitless energy and power. It also represents infinite immortality as it cannot be destroyed, there is no end or beginning, it flows in  continuous harmony. An eight is also a powerful leveller of energies, balancing out what is needed, creating change to let go of the lower based energies of fear. It equalises and  shifts things about, to encourage peace. The energies of 8 also express financial security, achieving your goals, strong leadership, ambition and of course to make it all happen, organisation. Combine these energies with, Sun, Leo,the Solar Plexus  Charka and Sirius and you have a recipe for expanded growth on many levels and an opportunity to do so by frequency Ascension and to receive the energies held within the Lions Gate Portal. 

What is ascension and how can we achieve it?

Ascension is to actively chose to spiritually evolve into a higher state of consciousness. by attuning to an expanded state of awareness, changing your frequency by receiving higher frequencies of light. It’s kind of like switching from an Analogue frequency on a radio to Digital one. It is a process merging with your higher-self by expanding and opening your heart chakra, to unite with Source energy and ultimately all layers of your existence in the physical and spiritual dimensions. It is an incremental process and the Lions Gate Portal is a time to awaken and join with these energies. 

It is also complete transformation and ultimately an awakening, to realign with Divine Love held within the universe and its creator, affecting all elements of our being, physically . mentally , emotionally and spiritually. It is attuning to our own place in the divine cosmos, to know that we are all one and part of an expanded consciousness, the universe working through us and with us and awakening to the fact we are not separate. We all hold divinity within us as a collective.We are after all made of the same stuff as the stars and the universe.    

We also need integrate these energies into our energy field by releasing lower vibrational energies relating to fear. Remember we are opening to moving further into the higher vibrational frequencies of pure divine love and light, so this is where the 8 energy comes into its own, levelling the balance and equalising those lower based feels. It is returning to the experience of Divine Light and experiencing the highest levels of unconditional love.

Meditation Resources 

So if you are ready to start on your Ascension Pathway and receive the Ascension  codes and downloads, now is the time to start, this weekend on the 8th Of August at @star.seeded will be holding a global mediation, live on Instagram. Head over to Stories to find the Mediation Countdown timer and add it to your insta for a reminder for your time zone. 

Reading Resources

The Divine Blueprint – Freddy Silva

Fingerprints of the Gods – Graham Hancock

Chariots of The Gods – Erich Von Daniken

The Orion Mystery – Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert

Rise Sister Rise – Rebecca Campbell

Head to the Library to buy these books and more.

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Main image – Frida Bredsen from Unsplash

Second image – Leonardo Ramos from Unsplash