Chalcopyrite - to connect to the mystical realms
Its properties and benefits are:
Clears all chakras
Connects to mystical realms
Shamanic stone used for journeying
Grounding and energizing
Releases energetic ties
Increases perceptive abilities
Assists to retain sacred knowledge
Heals feelings of confusion

Chakra: can be used with all chakras but especially useful with the Throat,
Third Eye and Crown

Chalcopyrite is one of the most effective stones used to achieve a deep meditative state. It is a strong healing stone for the physical body and has the ability to remove negative energy blockages within each of the chakras, allowing them to open for healing and spiritual work.

As it induces a deep meditative state, Chalcopyrite primarily works with the higher chakras of the throat, third eye and crown, activating them to connect with the users spiritual gifts of knowledge and wisdom, linking the mind to the mystical realms of the universe. This element brings forward enlightenment, in the form of revealing personal and universal truth. Knowing who you are, why you are here and how you ‘fit’ in the divine plan.

Its vibration works by clearing energy blockages at the Crown chakra and filters the white light of the divine source into your energy and physical bodies. It enhances the movement of Life Force energy around the body, working to ground and smooth the energy flow. sometimes known as the Sometimes known as the Tonic Stone, it can act as a quick ‘pick me up’, increasing vitality.