Faden Quartz
Faden Quartz - to create connection
Its properties and benefits are:
Strengthens connections
Can be programmed with intention and energy
Cleanses and mends the aura
Expands consciousness

Chakra: All chakras and connections between the chakras and the Aura

Faden Quartz crystals can be used to heal the Etheric body, which is the first layer of the aura that sits closest to the physical body. It is the link between the physical body and the ‘energy body’, which sustains and connects the body to the aura – also called The Human Energy Field. Within this layer vital energy is channelled through meridians to the chakras. The energy is in constant motion. Faden Qaurtz attunes our consciousness to the principle of energy and it being a universal life force within us all.

Faden Quartz energetic properties lie in the nature of its formation, as they are crystals which were once broken during their creation and then fused together again and ’healed’ This attribute brings the healing vibration to mend, form and strengthen connections of all types, be they spiritual, physical or mental. Conversely Faden Quartz can also be used to remove energetic ties or spiritual attachments.

When used in connection to understanding the self, they can be used to strengthen and renew any positive affirmation, thinking or intention. They are said to be particularly useful for astral travel by strengthening the connection to the earth plane whilst travelling to other dimensions.