Quartz – the Master Healer

Its properties and benefits are:

  • It can be programmed with intention and energy
  • It can amplify the properties of other crystals
  • Clears chakras
  • Powerful manifestation aid
  • Provide protective shield
  • Healing, emotional, spiritually and physically
  • Brings harmony clarity, and calmness.

Chakra can be used with all chakras but especially useful with the Crown, Third eye and Soul Star chakras

Crystal Quartz is very powerful for healing, meditation and spiritual growth. It is harmonizing and balancing, purifying the spirit, mind and physical body. It can be utilized to bring light and energy into our spiritual bodies and the Aura. It enhances mental abilities and can be ‘programmed’ and imprinted with any desired energy or information. Crystal Quartz is powerful for protection and amplifies positive energy and thought. Due to its power to open up all chakras, it is a great stone for relaxation and also to be combined with other stones, as it amplifies their powers. It can enhance psychic abilities and promotes overall harmony and balance, bringing clarity to thoughts and actions.

Clear crystal protects from negative energies, neutralizing radiation. It can stimulate the immune system and overall balance. Placed near the computer screen, Crystal Quartz helps to dispel electromagnetic radiation.