Antonina works as an energy healer and an intuitive psychic medium,. She developed her natural intuitive skills at The College Of Psychic Studies in Chelsea, London. She worked closely for 3 years with Dr Angela Watkins, one of the college’s most respected mediums. She certified in Energy and Crystal healing, combining all her abilities to offer a total physical, emotional and spiritual approach.

Antonina has over 10 years experience in offering intuitive guidance and healing to her clients, whom she calls ‘seekers’.

“I have learnt over the years that everyone I work with is ‘seeking’ something – be it reassurance, connection, clarity, healing, trust or fulfilment in their lives. My clients come to me for guidance and healing in areas such as life choices, relationships, business decisions and health. Often they are seeking answers to soul questions, connections with passed loved ones and are looking to develop their own intuition.

Antonina’s clients are drawn to her modern, fresh take on the experience of spiritual fulfilment and healing. They are often new to this approach but rapidly find it invaluable due to the positive impact brought into their lives. In addition, Antonina works with those already on and comfortable with their spiritual path who wish to develop further insights, including those seeking reassurance of the continuation of life after death.

Consultations are available in the UK and internationally through Skype and FaceTime, facilitating a connection from the comfort of your own home or office, anywhere in the world. Antonina’s clients are as far afield as Los Angeles and Ibiza. Consultations are also available in person by appointment in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and London.


To book your appointment call Antonina on +44 123 456 789 or use the form here.


An Intuitive reading with Antonina will give you more clarity about issues that are troubling or confusing you. Often we already have a sense of the roots of our problems and maybe how to resolve them but we don’t believe in our own intuition.  Read more….


When our energy field is unbalanced, or our emotions and life are getting the better of us, the body can become susceptible to illness. Stress, depression, anxiety, illness and a low immune system are all symptoms of dis-ease within the body – be it physical or emotional.  Read more….


A consultation with Antonina will help you to understand the grief of losing a loved one may relieve some of the pain. Knowing that that your loved one is safe can provide profound comfort and the acceptance needed to live your own life. Read more….

Past life

A past life reading with Antonina focuses upon a situation, health/emotional issue or relationship in your present, that you feel needs to be explored.  She uses her intuitive senses to see and experience a relevant Past Life for you, rather than you being regressed into a hypnotic state. Read more….


Equines are highly sensitive to stress and to physical and emotional trauma, which can lead to various behavioural issues and further dis-ease. Antonina uses energy healing to release the influence of unseen negative energy, helping to restore balance to the energy field and encourage self-healing. Read more….


Space clearing is performed on a building, which may be suffering from stagnant or negative energy force. It can transform the energetic blue-print within homes and workplaces to encourage a neutral space for change, positive abundance and new beginnings. Read more….


Soul Rescue is a process where earthbound spirits are helped to crossover. Many lost souls that cause paranormal disturbances are looking for help to find their way home and in many cases, most spirits don’t understand or realize that they have passed on. Read more….


The Library is resource for personal development, empowerment and enlightenment. Knowledge is the key to self-discovery, transformation and healing. Here you will find books that can help you transform your life. Read more….



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