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People come to a spiritual consultant for many reasons. Experience has taught me, that a crossroads may be insight or a need to get better acquainted with yourself, your judgement or when facing difficult times. If someone is grieving, which can be a very painful “journey” in itself, then receiving any form of communication with your loved one can help to relieve the pain of this process.

I work as a medium and as an institutive, connecting with my guides to “channel” information that is pertinent to you. I feel, hear and see images and this information; I give to you. The simplest way to explain how it works is like this; I am a radio switching from an analogue to digital or like super fast broadband, altering the dynamic of how I operate to enable a connection to be made.

If you would like guidance about your life then, before your sitting, it can be helpful to focus on exactly what it is that you would like clarity on. For example, a relationship, financial/work/health issues. You are paying for my time, one that I want to be as useful and effective for you as possible. What everyone “upstairs” may want you to focus on may not be what you are there for, so I feel that to be authentic and relevant as possible we should start in the right direction and take it from there.

If you are grieving and your main desire is to hear from a loved one, then talk to them, tell them the time of you appointment, and what it is that you would like to know. In order for my energy and theirs to connect, communicating with your guides (you don’t have to know them to for this to work) will help to strengthen the energy required to do so, there are no guarantees that they will come through, however we can do our best. Some people like to bring a photograph or possession, a piece of jewellery for me to work with, to connect with their energy and you are welcome to do so. If the appointment is via Skype or telephone, you can always email an image.

My desire is to give you reassurance, clarity and insight into yourself and help with the struggles that we all face. We are not alone, even when we feel that we are, there is always someone “upstairs “ to help us and by looking out of ourselves, we can find the answers within.

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